• I am transformed by the program.  I am filled with the strength, knowledge, and courage to teach yoga to others.  The love and caring in the group was exemplary.  I am trying to keep it in my heart and take it to wherever I am.
  • It was what I needed to get back on the spiritual path.  I needed something to re-awaken my desire and jump-start my meditation and asana practice.I now believe I can teach yoga.
  • I feel I know myself a lot better and am clearer about my goals and priorities. I feel the program helped me become more relaxed in front of groups.
  • For me the most transforming thing is the spiritual practice.  Being at the program brought me so much closer to Baba and helped me come back to feeling the spiritual practice channelize my spiritual longing.
  • I was able to get support from my friends or teachers and move on.  Honestly, I think this is an extraordinary group of people, very open, supportive and willing to share their love and support with fellow pilgrims, even if they don’t “know,” them.Thank you so much, I think you are on to a great program that will continue to be an amazing experience for those who participate.
  • The trainers were very attentive and supportive.I loved all of the workshops. They were fantastic at training our emotions and techniques at the same time. They were very powerful and I felt soaked in knowledge and understanding.
  • I felt like a different person after listening and learning all they taught.I feel that this program has given me the tools I need to become a strong confident teacher. This program not only made me feel I gained the knowledge I needed, but made me take a step back and look within myself.