dadav Acarya Vishvarupananda, PhD, RYT.

Dada has been a monk in the Ananda Marga tradition for over 27 years and has given personal instruction to numerous aspirants during that time. Dada has received additional training with Ananda and Kripalu.  He has been teaching professionally since 2000 including college credit classes at George Washington, Maryland and American Universities.  He has co-organized numerous weekend and five-day retreats for students and has led yoga teacher trainings in different parts of the world.

viveka Acarya Viveka McEwen, PhD, RYT.

Viveka has been a practitioner of Ananda Marga spiritual practices  since 1972, a family acarya since 2008, and a college professor since 1990. Viveka is one of founding faculty of the Ananda Marga Yoga Teacher Training. He has taught yoga and meditation classes at the State University of New York since 1997 and has organized over 25 weekend and 5-day retreats and helped organize meditation and yoga retreats in New England regularly since the early 1980s. Viveka has developed curriculum and led numerous workshops on all aspects of Ananda Marga philosophy and lifestyle.

kaoveri Kristine Kaoverii Weber, MA, ERYT500, LMBT.Kaoverii has been a student of Ananda Marga spiritual practices since 1993 and began teaching yoga in 1995. She has studied with asana/yoga teachers from many different styles including Iyengar, Vinyasa, and Vini Yoga. She has been training yoga teachers in various yoga teacher training programs since 2003. She is also a shiatsu practitioner.
mj Mahajyoti Glassman, ERYT500.MahaJyoti has been studying Ananda Marga spiritual practices since 1977. She began teaching yoga around 1996 and has facilitated yoga teacher training workshops since 2003. Specializing in children’s yoga, MahaJyoti is the director of a yoga based preschool in Denver Colorado for over 20 years and teaches a 110 hour yoga  training for teachers of children.
 Dada Arddhvendu Dada Anuvratananda, E-RYT 200.

Dada has been practicing yoga and meditation from the Ananda Marga tradition since 2002.  He received training to become a yogic monk in Sweden and India. Currently touring the USA and Mexico, he offers instruction in meditation and yoga at various universities, elementary and secondary education schools and social service institutions. He has co-organized several Yoga Teacher Trainings around the world as well as many weekend retreats, local, national and international events.

Adjunct Faculty


Shivanii Alcock, E-RYT500.

Rebecca, heralding from the UK, was a yogic nun in the Ananda Marga tradition for 20 years. She is   dedicated to making a positive and meaningful difference in the world through her yoga teachings, her music and the joy of being alive! She has also trained with Synergy Yoga as well as Iyengar, Shivananda and, Ashtaunga styles. She has shared  her   knowledge in the Far East, India, Europe, the US and Central America and is currently living in the United Kingdom. Her     endeavors continue as she aims to touch people’s hearts and bring quality of life to all through various Yoga, meditation and   wellness practices, education and social service programs.