About the Founder of Ananda Marga Yoga

The founder of Ananda Marga (The Path of Bliss) Yoga , Prabhat Ranjain Sarkar, was born in Bihar India on May 21 1921.

He is also known by his spiritual name, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti.

He dedicated his life to the all-round development of all living beings – physically, mentally, and spiritually.

He advocated the upliftment of individuals through meditation and selfless service, and through the building of a social economy that would allow human beings to meet their basic needs as well as foster the attainment of our highest intellectual and spiritual potential.

Sarkar became a noted Indian philosopher, social theorist, poet, and spiritual leader.


A prolific writer, he produced an extensive body of work, over 100 books on such diverse topics as:

  • mysticism,  cosmology
  • sociology, history
  • education, ethics
  • yoga, medicine
  • psychology, humanities
  • linguistics, economics
  • ecology, farming
  • music and literature.

Many have been translated into the world’s major languages.

Additionally he composed over 5,000 devotional songs.

Beginning in 1955 he founded Ananda Marga (The Path of Bliss),  a spiritual movement that offers instruction in meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practice that can lead to personal transformation by overcoming negative tendencies of the mind. Engaging in selfless service in the community is a cornerstone of personal development.

Focused efforts are also made to provide a variety of social programs such as schools in disadvantaged areas, disaster relief teams, food distribution, homes for shelterless women and children in over 100 countries. Until his passing on October 21, 1990, he remained devoted to spreading his transformation ideology by training missionaries to spread his teachings of self-realization and service to humanity and expanding the social service programs of Ananda Marga throughout the world.